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Scenery Photo

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Scenery is a Photo Feed App that allows photographers to upload landscape images. It’s also a tool for photographers to get inspired and motivated by the sceneries found in nature. This project was created to familiarize myself with wireframing and prototyping tool programs such as Balsamiq, Sketch, Principle and Photosop CC.


For a lo-fi design, I used Balsamiq to create a basic wireframe by laying out basic functionalities and text boxes to achieve a primary concept. Balsamiq is a pretty straightforward tool to use, it allowed for multiple revisions enhancing the app for any modifications before finalizing basic elements.


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iOS Mockup & Prototype

After crafting the basic framework, I switched over to Sketch to create a high-fidelity design to establish the visual structure of the app.

Following the wireframe, I added the colour and images before using Principle to develop its interactivity. As shown from the gif beside, I added the horizontal page scrolling by allowing the user to switch between frames. 

Android Mockup & Prototype

The Android mockup has the same concept as the iOS, the only difference are the status bar and devices. Again, using Principle I played with the vertical page scrolling, allowing users to scroll up and down the page to view images. I also used Adobe Photoshop CC to showcase the app file and exporting as a gif.