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Limariz Gatmaitan
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Peter Parvez

Peter Parvez is a Canadian leader in custom luxury menswear and designing a website and ads for the company provided a challenge as their main consumers were men. User experience and user interface was a top priority for the brand as they wanted to easily convert their everyday website visitors into buyers of high quality designer suits.

triOS College

Designed triOS microsite built from the ground up with conversions as a primary focus. The microsite serves as a landing point for triOS’ ads and has new programs with the intention of increasing new students.


A marketing agency with a primary focus on online advertising, BreezeMaxWeb possesses multiple services to help customers expose their business in the world wide web. Out of the various projects I designed for the company, from website mockups to marketing collaterals, my biggest project was ultimately changing it’s visual branding.

Crypto Currency Mining

Crypto Currency Mining is a company that educates consumers about cryptocurrencies. The company provides a coaching program to help new investors gain knowledge about cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.

CatchIt Mobile Prospect App

CatchIt is a unique CRM database app that helps sales representatives organize and track potential prospects. There was a lot of research involved in the project since it was a unique app that mainly targets business professionals as users.


Vern Fashion E-commerce App

Vern is a fashion e-commerce app that provides lookbooks and outfit inspirations for potential buyers. The app is an exercise to enhance my skills and abilities with product designing using various tools such as Sketch, Principle, Invision and Adobe CC.


Scenery Photo Feed App

Scenery is a Photo Feed App that allows photographers to upload landscape images. It’s also a tool for photographers to get inspired and motivated by the sceneries found in nature. This project was created to familiarize myself with wireframing and prototyping tool programs such as Balsamiq, Sketch, Principle and Photosop CC.