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A marketing agency with a primary focus on online advertising, BreezeMaxWeb possesses multiple services to help customers expose their business in the world wide web. Out of the various projects I designed for the company, from website mockups to marketing collaterals, my biggest project was ultimately changing it’s visual branding.

Logo Development

With the focus on online advertising, the vision was to move away from the sailboat and focus on a modern trendy agency design. With the cursor on the B, I utilized a bright iconic blue colour to help distinguish themselves against competitors. The typeface is round and fun, yet sophisticated to represent a modern agency.

Stage #1

Stage #2

Stage #3

Stage #4


There were some elements I decided to keep from the old logo which was the sans serif font, but instead of the font being bold, I decided to enhance it by using a sleek medium light typeface to go with the logo.

Although the logo represents the visual piece of the brand, in terms of the overall representation I went with the blue colour scheme to maintain its visual appeal. I paired it up with neutral colours such as white and gray to magnify the letter B and the arrow.


Rebranding also means changing the old website and designing a new website that appeals to a much broader audience, leading to new potential clients. There was a lot of research done before the final mockup was finished, such as user experience and user interface.

Using Adobe XD CC to design the wireframe, I started with the navigation links at the top and worked my way down from the main image to the text and infographics. For CRO purposes, I started with the CTA button and the menu links to plan out user interaction by laying out simple boxes and organizing them by labels.

Website Mockup

With the wireframe completed, I added the visual appearance for higher fidelity. This helps me identify visual hierarchies, refining the layout and design. As seen from the mockups, the layout is simplistic and clean, allowing for the user to easily browse without the overwhelming appearance of clustered images and colours.

Google Display Ads & Banners

The Google display and banner ads were designed in Adobe Illustrator CC and Photoshop CC. These ads were created depending on the current promotion of the company. Below are examples of display and banner ads that were designed for the agency.