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Peter Parvez

Peter Parvez is a Canadian leader in custom luxury menswear. Designing a website and ads for the company provided a challenge as their main consumers were men.

Wireframes & Mockups

User experience and user interface was a top priority for the brand as they wanted to easily convert their everyday website visitors into buyers of high quality designer suits.

Since luxury menswear is a saturated market, our team had to look at their main competitors and compare trends in product strategy and content. What makes their website unique? What’s the trend for the upcoming year? How can we make their website simple and easy to use? How can we make this site look attractive? These are all the questions we had to look at.

Landing & Home Page

Breaking it down to website structure and user experience, the strategy was simple. I designed a high fidelity wireframe that’s easy on the user flow, and ensured that the quality of user actions increased. With CRO in mind, I had to assure that sale banners and products were visible to the user. Abundant call to actions were strategically added so visitors are able to make easy purchases.

Google Display Ads & Banners

With the skeleton being done, I needed to follow the company’s brand guideline. They wanted a simple and sophisticated looking website and banner ads that appeal to their target audience. Using Adobe XD, Illustrator CC and Photoshop CC I designed the website and banner ads that primarily show their brand.